The Wiesen Festival Areal is surrounded by forests and is one of the most beautiful venues in Europe. The center of the terrain is the characteristic tent where the main stage stands. The construction of steel mesh and no disturbing line of sight provides perfect protection against rain and sun. It can be opened to create a pleasant outdoor arena. The campsite offers sufficient toilets and numerous shower facilities.


Festival Arena Wiesen
Schoellingstrasse 7
A-7203 Wiesen
+43 (2626) 83503-0

Wiesen | Burgenland

The festival area is located at the northern end of the city of Wiesen and covers an area of ​​approx. 1.2 ha. The location presents itself as a modern venue with a complete infrastructure. It is often referred to as one of the most beautiful places in the European festival landscape among festival lovers and musicians. The characteristic tent protects 4,000 people from the sun and rain and opens on one side to an open-air area where another 4,000 people can stay. The outdoor area is slightly uphill and leads into the foothills of an adjacent forest.