We actually wanted to announce the second phase of the line-up recently and then everything turned out differently, at least differently than we all imagined.
At the moment nobody can say with 100% certainty when events and festivals can take place again or with which official requirements this will be connected. It is also unclear what restrictions there will be in the near future when traveling, which is why we will not announce any new artists for the time being, even if everything has already been fixed and booked. In any case, we still have some massive headliners and surprises in store!
Now, at the beginning of April, we assume that the HEYFIELD Festival can take place in July as planned. At the same time, of course, we are concerned about possible alternative dates and other scenarios. At the moment, however, we want to stick to the current date: July 23rd to 25th 2020!

Whether we can hold the festival on this date depends on many different factors in the current situation, over which we unfortunately have no influence. That is why we can only monitor the situation at the moment, focus on the implementation and postpone the decision until a later date. If the authorities do not completely prohibit parties and festivals in the summer for security reasons, we will decide in mid-May whether the HEYFIELD Festival can take place in July as planned or must change to another date.

Of course, we monitor the current situation around the corona virus very closely and will take recommendations and regulations from experts into account in our concepts so that we can dance together safely again soon. If it should happen that the festival has to be canceled due to Covid-19 (Corona Virus), we will of course reimburse the purchase price of the tickets. We do not currently assume that! In any case, we use the time to make all the preparations to guarantee an unforgettable festival weekend.

If everyone stays at home now and takes good care of each other, hopefully nothing stands in the way of a wonderful festival summer. Stick together, show solidarity and look at each other! Together we can help you to get through this situation as well as possible!

Your HEYField-Team!