HEYFIELD Festival Postponed

Dear Heyfield community, we hope everyone is well!

It was quiet a bit longer recently, because we worked with all our efforts to implement the Heyfield Festival 2020. Thanks for waiting and your patience !!
The current situation and everything related to it is new territory for us too and it took us some time to find the best solutions for you.
We have done everything possible to spend an unforgettable weekend with you again this year. We originally worked together to ensure that we continue to develop and improve in many areas in 2020. Most recently, the focus was on the basic feasibility of 2020 and the current regulations for major and dance events.

We hoped to the very end, but since there is still no regulation by the Austrian federal government to make it possible to hold larger events or festivals in the coming months, we unfortunately see no other option than to postpone the Heyfield Festival 2020 to the coming year .

In addition, a reduced version with fewer artists or a lack of international headliners would not have been an option for us, because we don’t want to offer you anything less than originally planned. In addition, the safety and health of all guests, but also of our employees is in the foreground and the latest developments of the Covid-19 cases in Austria give reason to suspect that we cannot hold the Heyfield Festival this year as planned.
NEW DATE for 2021 is: July 22-24, 2021

This decision really hits us hard, but we will not be discouraged and will offer you an equivalent and unforgettable festival in 2021. But we need your support!
The current situation is anything but easy for us as the organizer and we hope that with the support of your community we will be able to set up some legendary festivals.
In 2021 we will make up for everything that is unfortunately not possible this summer. Most artists will also be there next year, which we are very pleased about. So there is no need to worry about any disadvantage to the program.

All tickets will remain valid for 2021! If someone cannot or does not want to participate in the coming year, you can use the federal government’s voucher scheme for events canceled due to Covid-19.

You can find the details here:


In the coming year you can expect an all the more powerful HEYFIELD FESTIVAL that leaves absolutely nothing to be desired! Promised!

We are of course still there for you and can be reached by mail! Please understand that sometimes it can take some time before we can answer all messages.


Dear festival-community! We hope everyone is well! The most beautiful time of the year probably has to be postponed to a later date. Recently the austrian government cancelled all events in Austria until the end of August by national law due to the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19! Nevertheless we want to spend a fantastic weekend together and present you an unforgettable festival-experience. At the moment we remain in close contact with all booking agencies and try to figure out if we can move the festival to September.

In June we will announce if it’s possible that the festival takes place and the exact date in the second half of September.
We kindly ask for your understanding that we can’t answer all comments on social media at the moment. We are facing some new major challenges and are working hard to make the festival happen in September. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime by mail: info@heyfield.at

Your HeyField-Team


We actually wanted to announce the second phase of the line-up recently and then everything turned out differently, at least differently than we all imagined.
At the moment nobody can say with 100% certainty when events and festivals can take place again or with which official requirements this will be connected. It is also unclear what restrictions there will be in the near future when traveling, which is why we will not announce any new artists for the time being, even if everything has already been fixed and booked. In any case, we still have some massive headliners and surprises in store!
Now, at the beginning of April, we assume that the HEYFIELD Festival can take place in July as planned. At the same time, of course, we are concerned about possible alternative dates and other scenarios. At the moment, however, we want to stick to the current date: July 23rd to 25th 2020!

Whether we can hold the festival on this date depends on many different factors in the current situation, over which we unfortunately have no influence. That is why we can only monitor the situation at the moment, focus on the implementation and postpone the decision until a later date. If the authorities do not completely prohibit parties and festivals in the summer for security reasons, we will decide in mid-May whether the HEYFIELD Festival can take place in July as planned or must change to another date.

Of course, we monitor the current situation around the corona virus very closely and will take recommendations and regulations from experts into account in our concepts so that we can dance together safely again soon. If it should happen that the festival has to be canceled due to Covid-19 (Corona Virus), we will of course reimburse the purchase price of the tickets. We do not currently assume that! In any case, we use the time to make all the preparations to guarantee an unforgettable festival weekend.

If everyone stays at home now and takes good care of each other, hopefully nothing stands in the way of a wonderful festival summer. Stick together, show solidarity and look at each other! Together we can help you to get through this situation as well as possible!

Your HEYField-Team!


A new festival is born !!


From 18-21. July invites the Heyfield Festival for the first time to Wiesen Festival Venue!

After more than 40 years of festival history and countless legendary performances, it’s finally time again. Meadows gets a new Drum & Bass Festival! With international headliners such as High Contrast, Delta Heavy, Ed Rush, Matrix & Futurebound, Dimension, Aphrodite, 1991, Current Value, DJ GUV or Mefjus and numerous national artists, we dedicate the legendary festival ground to the bass for three days and nights. Inspired by unique past experiences at the Urban Art Forms and Nu Forms Festival, we hope to continue this extraordinary tradition.

Apart from the remarkable history and the associated unforgettable moments in terms of electronic music, Wiesen is also due to its infrastructure, the perfect festival location in the summer. A huge campsite surrounded by green forests and meadows, two stages with massive sound and light systems, but also sanitary facilities and easy stress-free travel make the festival area in Burgenland unique.

So we are all the more pleased that the Heyfield Festival is allowed to take place at this special location and that together we may write a small piece of music and festival history.